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Risk Training Academy

All outcomes have an element of uncertainty that are influenced by factors that you can either can or cannot control. Managing these uncertainties rather than leaving them to hope and faith, has become an important task in order to deliver success.   As Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the fundamental need to manage risk as a major part of their management and future business strategies. An enterprise-wide approach to risk management allows organisations to consider the potential impact of all types of risks upon processes, activities, stakeholders, products, services, to realise business objectives and seize new opportunities.

We aim to provide you with both qualitative and quantitative skills in risk management. Providing you with the knowledge and skills to integrate risk management into the organisation so it becomes both a strategic and operational tool. Improving performance, efficiency, safety and enhancing the reputation of your organisation.

Type of courses available are as follows:

  • Foundational understanding of the key 6 risk management steps 
  • Quantitative Risk Management using Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Using Bow Tie Analysis to identify risks and controls
  • Embedding risk management into strategy and planning
  • Developing and integrating key risk indicators
  • How to develop a risk appetite framework
  • Opportunity Management 
  • Linking risk with performance management 
  • Learn different techniques for risk identification
  • Implementing an ERM framework 
  • Developing a risk assurance framework
  • How to facilitate a risk workshop
  • Basic risk awareness for all staff 

Who Should attend:

Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Financial Controllers, Internal and External Auditors, Risk Advisers and Consultants, Regulators, Senior Management and any staff required to be “risk aware”.

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